Wednesday, February 25, 2009

good bye

I'll be closing na this blog on Sunday, I decided to maintain na lang the other blog ko. Pero mga kwentos about my wedding preps andun na din naman. so isang blog na lang po ung pupuntahan niyo. Don't worry i-link ko pa din kayo mga sissy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding Bouquets

I've been searching for the perfect orange bridal bouquet on the net and I found all of these. Would you be kind enough to help me pick the "best" bouquet for me? I decided to have my bridal bouquet in orange shades and my entourage bouquet will be in shades of yellow or red. Since my entourage gown will already be in shades of orange it will be look good on them if the colors of the flowers will be in contrast with the color of their gown.

Here's some of the bouquet that I found for my bouquet:

(The brown ribbon will be used for my entourage bouquet. mas cute kasi di ba pag brown ung pinaka wrap ng handle ng flowers nila. We'll be using brown as one of our accent colors)

As for my entourage, can you also help me pick one for them?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weddings and Debut 2009

Good thing Jen was available last Sunday afternoon and she went with me to SM Megamall to attend the Wedding and Debut 2009 bridal fair. I was quite excited to go to this fair as I'll be making a downpayment for our wedding cake, so that means another accomplishment on our "WEDDING TO DO LIST". Also, this is Jen's first bridal fair so I make it a point that she'll enjoy the experience.

Upon entering Megatrade Hall 2 we started to look for Tita Gervy, but we have to stopped and visit the other booths from time to time to look for an invitation that will best suit my wedding theme and color motiff. Inviting Jen was a good choice since we have the same taste when it comes to designs, I wanted a simple and elegant invitation. The first booth that we visited is the QP design, we saw an invitation that perfectly suit my wedding theme and motiff. Upon seeing the first invite, Jen said " Ay, I like. It's nice", and I must agree it's so nice. The invite was simple and elegant and we booth love it!!! 1 invite set includes: the main invite, the entourage page, the Map insert and the envelope with an embossed monogram on it. There's also a seperate RSVP insert that I can get as a freebie along with the the monogram, gift tags and Thank you cards. The invite looks similar to this, but the border will be a little differrent since it's an autumn theme. The paper is in a light bronze shade with an orange border and a gold ink will be used.

I just asked for the price of the invites since I don't want to keep Jen waiting. She already said that the place is congested so I have to keep her away from the crowd. hehehe. (Kahiya naman kasi naabala ko na nga sya then makipagsiksikan pa sya). We went to another booth and I also like the design that i saw. I told Jen, that I wanted to have a sticker monogram so it will sealed our invites. Jen gave me this comment " OK din yan, para masunod ang luho mo." hehehehe.

After checking on the other invites here's our final verdict:

KHIM: Ok yung unang invites!
JEN: I like tlaga the FIRST one!

Yipee I already found the design na for the invite. Next in line is to look for the booth of Gervy's Amazing Cakes, since I have to gave her our downpayment for the cake. When I saw, Tita Gervy's booth, I informed Jen that I already saw Tita Gervy and we headed towards her direction. Jen, like the cake on display. It's a very simple chocolate covered cake with bride and groom topper that looks so sweet sitting on the edege of the cake. I even borrowed the photo albums and asked Jen to help me picked a design. Upon browsing the pages we suddenly saw an Autumn theme cake and I knew it was the perfect design for my wedding cake. I super love it. It has an maple leaves as a design and an edible bride and groom that serves as the cake topper. I just need to add a little details on the cake in order to make it more personalize. I want to put a mobile tower as a cake topper and then on the second layer there's an edible bride and groom holding a cellphone. hehehe.

Since Tita Gervy had cake samples with with her, I offered Jen some in order for her to atste the cake. Jen, ate the chocolate flavor first and then the carrot cake and she really love it. After paying the downpayment and signin g the contract, Tita Gervy gave me a box of assorted cakes. It's so yummy, I offered pa Jen to taste pa the other sample.

Jen and I looked for a photographer and I was surprised that Vignette photography by Danny Ignacio was one of the exhibitors. I really love his shoots since from the start and his package is within our budget. He even won a lot of award and recogniton last year including the Photographer of the year 2008. I'm thinking of getting him to cover our wedding day.That will be a good idea, one of the best photogrpaher in town covering my wedding day! Hmmmmmm, that sounds really nice.

Jen left the fair at around 5PM. I decided to stay a little longer in order to check some suppliers in my list. I went back to the QP booth in order to get a quotation for the invites that I wanted. The AE gave me a quotation and I must say that it's a good deal, it perfectly fits our budget. Yipee, I haggle a little more and ask for an added discount and she was able to said "Yes'!!! Good thing I was born with a "HAGGLING POWER'"hahaha. She even informed me that she can give me a bigger discount when I booked them at PICC this coming March on Wedding Expo 2009. Whew, yipeeeee. I was able to get a huge discount for the invites and it's almost 40% savings from the budget that we allotted for it. I texted Roj right away and inform him about the quote that I got from QP and he gave his "Go signal". Yipee, I can be able to book them on Wedding Expo along with some of our chosen suppliers that will be participatingm on the said fair.

I went to Eddie Bruan's booth afterward as I promised Tito Eddie that I will visit his booth. Upon greeting him, He told me that He'll be able to do the trial make- up on the next fair for free which is the Wedding Expo. He even told me that He's going to give a discount a special gift and a little pampering when I booked him next month. :-) yipeee...a lot of freebies...hehehe. He even endorsed me to 15-58 flower shop and they gave me a super good deal for the church and entourage flower.

It's really my lucky day! I got a lot of freebies and discount for the suppliers that we're eyeing for. Yippeee...Next bridal fair I'll be able to place a downpayment for them. Don't worry I'll place my kwentos again here.

Bye for now.....TODDLES!!!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A quick Start

Although we have a wedsite, I decided to set up another blog for our "behind the wedding kwentos". :-) The details that will be posted on our wedsite will be for our final and formal announcement. I mean the wedding theme, concept, the gown, the entourage gowns, the flowers that we already picked and we're going to use will be posted on our wedsite. All the stories on finding the perfect suppliers and chooisng the concept for our wedding will be posted here in order to help soon to wed couples on choosing the right suppliers for them. I will also include a DIY corner, wedding tips and and alternate options (for some accesorries or concept) that can help you achieve a quality without

Preparing for a wedding is a truly a tiring but a very memorable, enjoyable and fulfilling experience. We started preparing for our wedding last year. We went to a lot of wedding fairs in order to check the rates of the suppliers that we want to be included in our "DREAM TEAM". But choosing and finding the right suppliers is not an easy task. In our case it's almost 11 months since we start looking for our photographer and videographer but until now, we don't have one. At first we have 14 photogrpaher and 4 videographer in mind, we love their styles and theis concept. Then we consider our budget, would you imagine that our choices suddenly narrowed down to 6 photographers and 3 videographer. hehehehe. Budget plays an imporatnt role in our wedding planning, our motto "if we can't afford our first choice (supplier) look for someone else with the same talent but with a lower rate". Sometimes, we COMPROMISE".

Take a look of the things that we always consider on finding our suppliers. I will also include this list pag nagpost na ako ng "wedding kwentos" on how we choose them in order for you to know why we make them a part of our "DREAM TEAM". Here they are: